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Flying in a balloon is a different experience

Flying in a balloon is a different experience, a special moment to enjoy the freedom to flow within the wind.
A balloon ride is an activity to discover new points of view. A balloon flight is an adventure to feel the relaxation of silence. We offer unique experiences, different sensations and maximum security in a natural environment of great beauty. A balloon trip is an activity for all ages that can be shared with your partner, with friends, family or colleagues.

TOTGLOBO is a company that makes commercial flights in hot air balloons with passengers since 1998. In these 20 years we have flown thousands of customers without having to regret any accident. We are the first Valencian company acknowledged by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency as an Aerial Works company in Commercial Air Transport. with balloons.

Our company is periodically inspected by the State Aviation Safety Agency. Our pilots have extensive experience and are enabled by AESA to carry out flights with passengers. Our balloons are periodically checked according to the technical and legal protocols required by the EuropeanAviation Safety Agency (EASA). We have contracted with the manufacturer Ultramagic, the periodic revision of the airworthiness of our aircraft (CAMO).

All the people that fly in our fleet are covered by an insurance policy contracted with Allianz, according to current legislation.

Registro de Turismo Activo Comunitat Valenciana TA-4-V

An unforgettable gift

We make true the dream of flying

A flight voucher makes the ideal gift, like giving someone freedom, enjoyment and relaxation at the heart of Nature. If you are looking for that SPECIAL PRESENT, look no further: A balloon flight will be an unforgettable experience for your dear one.

Find your ideal balloon flight, place your order and, if you wish, personalise your gift card with your own text.You can either print your tickets at home or receive by post your personalized card in a very nice box. If you prefer, we could also post it directly to the lucky person so that s/he can decide where and when to fly.

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Natural environments of great beauty

Our flights areas

Our main area for the realization of balloon flights is the NATURAL PARK SIERRA DE MARIOLA, departing from BOCAIRENT. A natural environment of great beauty, in which we enjoy wonderful views of the mountains, valleys, villages, castles, etc. of the south of Valencia and the north of Alicante. Even in the clearest days we see the sea at sunrise from the balloon.

If you are a group of 10 PEOPLE, we also have other areas of flight:

  • Lliria / Casinos, in the region of the Serranos
  • Utiel / Requena.
  • Castellón.
  • Sierra de Albarracín.

Any other area that you want to fly in a balloon. Tell us what it is and we will prepare a viability study and a budget without commitment.

Flying since 1998
Authorized by AESA
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Phone: 629 611 889


C/ Carlos Cervera, 38

46006 Russafa, València


If you want to come to the office, call us first.

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