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Flying in a balloon is our passion

Freedom, Adventure, Flow

Hot air ballooning is our passion and what defines us best.A balloon trip means adventure, which we understand as the eagerness to embark on a quest for the next horizon. As we advance into an increasingly foreseeable future, balloon riding allows for the exploration of elements of unpredictability. There is where we learn to become more flexible, broad-mindedand easy-goingand look beyond our borders.

Safety, Experience, Trust

With a background of more than 20 years of expeditions across the world and hot air balloon rides, we greatly enjoy our work and the experiences we share with our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to offer leisure, fun and adventure with a personal touch and a professional service.

We will make you touch the sky

Flying since 1998
Authorized by AESA
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Phone: 629 611 889

Email: totglobo@totglobo.com

C/ Carlos Cervera, 38

46006 Russafa, València


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